Airborne Data Systems, Inc. (ADS) manufactures airborne remote sensing and surveillance equipment to meet a variety of mission requirements. Central to the design philosophy is the need to precisely identify geographic coordinates of images by using a fully integrated ring laser Inertial Navigation System (INS) or a GPS system. Each pixel of the images can be referenced to a specific geographical location and contains data from each separate band. Geo-referenced images allow for more precise measurements of ground position and area of coverage. ADS currently manufactures the Spectra-View, Recon-View and Agri-View camera systems. These camera systems are interfaced with proprietary flight operations software and image processing software. The software modules Flight Planning Software (FPS) and Spectra-View Remote, are integrated into the Flight Management System (FMS) along with a pilot display Course Deviation Indicator (CDI). The software module Band Match is the image processing software.


ADS Camera Systems